Why Choose Fangs Building Inspections

  • Highly qualified and experienced building inspector serving Melbourne
  • Dedicated to assisting property buyers and home builders by providing you with a peace of mind and helping you avoid costly mistake with your biggest purchase in life
  • We provide you with comprehensive and easy to read report with close-up photos, as well as recommendation and estimation of repair cost to help you with making informed decisions
  • Qualified inspector with education background in Building Surveying and Civil Engineering
  • In-depth knowledge of Building Code, Australian Standards, Building Acts and Regulations to apply during inspection to protect you against unruly builders and vendors
  • Highly experienced with over 10 years of experience in building inspection and construction management

Business Hours and Pricing

  • Our service is available from 9am - 6pm from Monday to Saturday
  • We cover metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Cities,such as Geelong (surcharge may apply)
  • Pricing is different based on the type and size of the property, distance travelled, please contact us to get a quote
  • We accept bank transfer or cash, we will send out the inspection report to you once we have received the payment / proof of payment

Does the buyer need to attend the inspection?

  • ​A building inspection takes around 60 to 90 minutes
  • Clients can choose either attend with the inspector or not attending
  • Inspection reports will be delivered within 24 hours through Email
  • Our clients can contact us anytime if they have further inquiries or free consultation on matters such as explanation of the defects and estimated cost of repair

Does new house need inspection is there's a warranty period?

Many new home buyers do not realise that newly-built properties, despite being brand new, can have many hidden defects due to unauthorised usage of inferior materials, poor supervision and workmanship, as well as human oversight. Many of these defects may seem to be trivial at first, however they may evolve into major defects that seriously affect the longevity of your new home down the track. That may happen after the warranty period expires or the builder may simply refuse to address the defects as a warranty issue.

Do I need a building inspection if the property is only a couple years old?

In our past experiences, defects can still be found within near-new property. The defects may be due to poor workmanship during construction, inadequate ongoing maintenance by the current residents. Common major defects found within newer property include leaks due to poor piping installation and connection, poor framing structure, no termite barrier etc.

Difference between Professional Inspection and Buyer DIY Inspection?

Buyers can carry out self-inspection to identify minor defects that are obvious to the eyes and functionality of appliances and fixtures. However, a professional inspection also includes uncovering hidden defects with the aid of professional tools such as Infrared Thermal Scanner, Ground Levelling Meter, Stud Finder, Moist Meter etc. Moreover, our professional building inspectors are rehearsed in Building Codes Australia Standards and Tolerance 2015 and all other relevant standards that are required to help us to identify and classify the defects.

Professional Building Inspections cover many more items and search for hidden defects that cannot be identified by a DIY self-inspection. Please see our Inspection Checklist and Sample Report for details.

Inspection Checklist - Pre Purchase & Pest Building Inspection
Inspection Checklist - New House / Townhouse / Apartment Handover Inspection
Inspection Sample Reports​