Building a new house is often one of the biggest events of your life. However, newly-built properties, despite being brand new, can have many hidden defects due to unauthorised usage of inferior materials, poor supervision and workmanship, as well as human oversight. Many of these defects may seem to be trivial at first, however, they may evolve into major defects that seriously affect the longevity of your new home down the track. Engage us to inspect your new build at each stage of the construction to ensure the quality of the entire construction and avoid spending large sum of money only to live in a poorly built home.

  • Major Defects for New House
    Major Defects for New House

Top Reasons for Professional Inspections during Construction

  • Ensure poor workmanship and unauthorised material substitution are detected and corrected
  • Ensure internal building foundation and structure are checked for integrity while they are still visible
  • Ensure all defects are corrected before warranty period expire
  • Ensure that the property is constructed according to plan and contract**
  • Avoid getting a home with major defects that are extremely costly to rectify
  • Avoid all the stress of going through the dispute process with your builder after handover

Major Focuses of Our Inspections

New home construction inspections are divided into 6 stages which include Contract Review, Base / Slab, Framing, Lockup, Fixing and Completion. Every stage will​ have its own specific areas to check and required comprehensive knowledge of the construction process.

  • 1. Contract Review
    • Identify unreasonable conditions set by the builder
    • Identify hidden cost
    • Identify any loop hole that can be used to take advantage of the home owner
    • Add special conditions that protect the home owner
    • Review use of construction material, identify potential saving opportunities

Inspection Process

  • We strongly recommend professional inspection is carried out for every single stage of construction to ensure the quality of your new home is sound in all aspects. Once the homeowner receives an invoice for a stage payment, it is advisable to arrange for an inspection first. We recommend homeowners only make stage payment when the builder has repaired all the identified defects or at least committed to a reasonable time frame to repair the defects.​
  • Once the house reached the completion stage, the homeowner should be aware that they will receive the final invoice from the builders. A final inspection (also known as Practical Completion Inspection) will be vital as this is the last time for the builders to rectify all the defects before you take ownership.

Free Resources

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**According AS4349.1, Standard Building Inspection does not include checking construction against signed contract, however if requested, we can include the service free of charge if time allows