Below are examples of the many items we check during a new house / townhouse / apartment handover inspection

​You can also view our Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

1. Basic Functionality Checks

✔ Connection to gas, electricity and water
✔ Functionality of electrical, heater, cooling and hot water appliances
✔ Test water pressure
✔ Test water pressure
✔ Test light switches and power sockets
✔ Door & window locks
✔ Cracks on glasses
✔ Cabinets and cabinets doors
✔ External and internal wall cracks
✔ Toilet flushing & leaks
✔ Smoke alarms present
✔ Balcony handrail & balustrade well fitted
✔ Garage and remote
✔ Irrigation system
✔ Serviceability of all other fixtures

2. Building Structure

✔ Check construction against BCA and Australian Standards
✔ Check construction against working drawing
✔ Check construction against electrical plan
✔ Check construction against colour selection

3. Garden, Landscaping and Garage/ Car Port

✔ Fence installation
✔ Garage structure,lintel condition, water-tightness
✔ Check drainage
✔ Check decking, pergola structure integrity and safety
✔ Check pipe connections

4. Roof

✔ Check dislodged tiles
✔ Check cracked tiles
✔ Check corrugated iron roof installation, nailed properly
✔ Check flashing installation

5. External Wall

✔ Render workmanship
✔ Rising damp
✔ Check for cracks
✔ Measure levelness of wall
✔ Check construction joint(Albeflex, caulking)
✔ Check water-proofing

6. Foundation

✔ Check footing serviceability include brick piles, bearer, joist
✔ Check ant cap and DPC
✔ Check for water damage
✔ Check for Ventilation and Moisture Content
✔ Check for the Presence of Other Living Things

7. Roof Space

✔ Check for Framing Serviceability (incl. Rafter, Purlin, Strut, Hanger,Beam etc)
✔ Check for water damage
✔ Check for broken tiles,flashing gaps
✔ Check for Piping Connection and Installation
✔ Check for distance between insulation and wiring

8. Internal Wall

✔ Paint workmanship
✔ Check for Moisture Content
✔ Check for Evenness
✔ Check for Cracking
✔ Determination of Cracking Condition & its Cause

9. Ceiling and Floor

✔ Check for ceiling and any active rain stain
✔ Check eave condition
✔ Check for Flooring Levelness
✔ Check for Leakage Issues

10. Electrical

✔ Check for Exposed Wiring Connection and Installation
✔ Test all electric socket

11. Doors & Windows

✔ Check window and door jamb properly fixed
✔ Check window jamb for water damage

12. Shower, Bathroom & Laundry(Wet Areas)

✔ Use moisture meter to test for moisture content
✔ Use thermal image to detect leakage
✔ Check waterproofing