On numerous occasions, our buyer clients engage our inspection services and use our reports to renegotiate the buying price if any major defects were found. Many of the buyers were successful in gaining tens and thousands dollars of price reduction, putting the frustrated vendors in back foot.

However, property vendor can have much more control over the process by carrying out a Professional Vendor Inspection and make the report available to all potential buyers. And if defects are found, owners can choose to rectify all the defects in the most economical way according to our expert advice.

Fully informed with your property’s condition, your agent and yourself can devise the most effective marketing strategy, sell with great confidence and ultimately achieve the optimal price for your property.

  • Vendor Report
    Vendor Report

How can a Vendor Report increase your property value?

  • Give you confidence when negotiating with potential buyers, as you are fully aware of your property condition
  • Give your potential buyers confidence in your property and possibly increase the price they are willing to offer
  • Avoid disappointing contract annulment due to buyers using the “Subject to Building & Pest Inspection” clause
  • Give yourself a chance to correct defects beforehand rather than letting buyers using defects to bargain with you
  • Save your time and hassle by letting different buyers requesting building inspection individually