Congratulations! Your new stand-alone house, townhouse or apartment has just reached completion, and the builder has invited you to a Practical Completion Inspection, exciting times. Many new homeowners may think the handover inspection simply involves identifying some paint skirmishes on the wall and test out the brand-new dishwasher. However, during a Professional Handover Inspection, we will carry out vital checks such as 1) Wall deviation tolerance, 2) Ground level deviation tolerance, 3) Verification of building materials**, 4) Ventilation design, 5) Moisture level and waterproofing effectiveness 6) Infrared Thermal Scan 7) Structural defects and over hundreds of visual and functional checks.

This may well be the last chance your builder fixing any defects for free and without delay. We have successfully helped many of our clients to save thousands of dollars by identifying defects that can cause major damage in the long term, undetectable to untrained eyes. Moving into a new house is very exciting, engage our professional inspector to ensure you are getting a quality home for the most expensive purchase of your life.

Many new homeowners mistakenly think they are fully covered by warranty period and can get builder come back to fix any defect down the track. Think again. Not only the warranty period is very short, during which the hidden defects may not show up, some builders can also become much less cooperative and responsive once they have received the final payment.

  • Major Defects for Brand New Property
    Major Defects for Brand New Property

Top Reasons for Professional Inspection during Handover

  • Ensure poor workmanship and unauthorised material substitution are detected and corrected
  • Ensure all defects are corrected before warranty period expire
  • Ensure that the property is constructed according to plan and contract**
  • Avoid getting a home with major defects that are extremely costly to rectify
  • Avoid all the stress of going through the dispute process with your builder after handover

Major Focuses of Our Inspections

Our Handover Inspections cover hundreds of items such as:
All doors, door handles, door frames, windows, window frames, lock mechanisms, glass materials, balcony, balustrade, handrail, plasterboard wall, ceiling, cornice, interior walls, exterior walls, floor skirting, kitchen areas, sinks, taps, shower head, pipes, fixtures, appliances, cupboards, bench tops, mat, mirrors, ventilation, heater, cooling system, hot water systems, and many more.

Free Resources

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**According AS4349.1, Standard Building Inspection does not include checking construction against signed contract, however if requested, we can include the service free of charge if time allows